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Magenta Threads is a slow fashion Melbourne-based label run by Kate Pitman, focussed on natural fabrics, original prints and a love of colour. It is a fusion of many years of design and couture experience, classic lines, digital technology and print inspiration drawn from nature and art.

She produces a range of made-to-order versatile pieces, simple yet elegant, easy to wear and suit any age.  Only natural fabrics are used, both for sustainability and for their aesthetic qualities.

Magenta Threads is an environmentally conscious brand and wherever possible uses ethically produced organic cotton, linen, wool and silk. To ensure minimal environmental impact, your garments are made to your specific order and size. All fabric waste is collected and sent to textile recycling manufacturers to create new products. 

Magenta Threads is accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. 

Kate makes all her garments by hand in Melbourne. 

Buy Australian made, buy less, take care.