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Slow fashion

Let's slow down consumerism, by buying clothes made locally, with care and craftsmanship, that are versatile and will last many seasons.

Ethical Production

Everyone working to create your clothes, from the cotton grower to the sewing machinist, is paid well, and working in fair and safe conditions.

Original prints

Printed fabrics are designed in Melbourne, inspired by our beautiful Australian environment, full of colours, contrasts and rhythms.


My best ever summer dress, so cool, comfy and pure linen luxury ... I walked the Camino del Norte in this one, with my backpack and runners, washed and dried it for the next day ... also wore it with heels or sandals in bars, museums and galleries in Bilbao.

 My playsuit is so comfortable, breathable and gorgeous..I love it. ..working with Kate was lots of fun, she was able to make minor adjustments so that it fits me like a glove, and the seamstress work is impeccable.